I Watch it for the Sports

More accurately, I should say that I watch it for the basketball.

Kuroko’s Basketball is my favorite sports anime. Yet, I’ve surprised many when I say the appeal for me lies in the actual games rather than pairing off the players. Sports anime has found itself in a strange position among US fans, where most watching don’t actually care for sports very much.

But spectating sports can be just as much if not more fun than actually playing them as proven by the gigantic industries center around spectating sports worldwide. This has been studied from a psychological perspective.

Rooting for a team and watching them win releases pleasure hormones in the brain and makes the viewer feel like they’re the one that has accomplished something when their favorite team scores points. I think the same thing applies to many sports anime where watching the characters overcome obstacles and win, leaves the viewer feeling accomplished.


In my case, I already enjoyed going to basketball games on a casual level before I watched Kuroko. But many sports anime fans don’t like watching regular sports. Sports anime can provide a similar experience but simply through a different medium. Whichever medium you prefer is up to you.

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[This post was originally posted: Mar, 16th 2016 on the Otaple 1/2 Tumblr]

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