A Look at Studio Colorido

Chances are you haven’t actually heard of Studio Colorido but you’ve probably heard about their most recent work.

A few months ago as part of a recruitment campaign, an animated McDonalds commercial aired and made a splash with anime fans. The commercial sparked fanart, shipping of its protagonists, and other ridiculous fandom activity.


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Not sure if the short actually inspired anybody to work at McDonalds.

The studio behind that commercial is Studio Colorido. They produce only commercials and short films, but have also contributed in-betweens for anime such as The Anthem of the Heart and Erased.

So let’s dive into their most notable works and the people behind them.


The studio’s first work was a crude-humor two and half minute short from 2009 featuring a lovesick girl and her panties, called Fumiko’s Confession. The short was praised by Mamoru Hosoda and won a Youtube Video award and a Special Mention award at the Ottawa International Animation Festival. Fumiko’s Confession was directed by Hiroyasu Ishida, who would go on to direct more of Stuido Colorido’s shorts including their follow up 20 minute Hinata no Aoshigure from 2013, this time featuring lovesick elementary schoolers and their panties.  The title roughly translates to Rain and Sunshine but was bizarrely localized to English as Sonny Boy and Dew Drop Girl.


After this short was given a theatrical release and met with similar praise, Studio Colorido’s production really took off, producing more than 16 shorts in the past 3 years. Hiroyasu Ishida’s most recent contribution to panty fetishism is a 2014 short that aired as part of the Noitamina block’s 10th anniversary called Paulette’s Chair featuring a young girl, her panties and a chair with a mind of its own. His most recent works for the studio were Fastening Days and Fasten Days 2, 10 minute shorts, from 2014 and 2016 respectively, advertising a zipper company called YKK. The shorts miraculously features a female character with tights under her skirt.


But Hiroyasu Ishida still manages to convey his love of undergarments.

Horiyasu Ishida has been speculated to be an important up and coming name in the anime industry. But he’s not the only talent Studio Colorida hosts.


Don’t be fooled by the grumpy girl. Shashinkan is actually a heartfelt tale.

Shashinkan (The Photo Studio) is a dialogue-less short from 2013, directed by Takashi Makamura known for series like Fantastic Children but who also contributed to the Animator Expo with the short Bubu and Bubulina. Both of these works were produced by Studio Colorida and take advantage of a unique art style to tell small but impactful stories.


Control Bear is my favorite Studio Colorida work.

Next up is Control Bear [Wonder Garden], directed by former Studio Ghibli animator, Yojiro Arai. This was a 2013 advertisement for a character goods store in Tokyo. Yojiro Arai also directed the studio’s longest work, a 2015 theatrical short Typhoon Noruda which shares similar story elements with Ghibli’s Castle in the Sky. Yojiro Arai has his own take on some of Ghibli’s signatures and now that he’s graduated to a theatrical director, he can show audiences how that style will further evolve. Typhoon Noruda has been licensed by Sentai Filmworks and is the Studio’s first proper release in America.


Studio Colorida’s filmography also includes three commercials for miso soup: one with an office worker, a totoro-esq pair of sisters, and a studious high schooler. Along with two commercials for the phone game called Puzzles and Dragon that are stylistically similar to Fumiko’s Confession and exhibit how an app can magically get you friends and a date.

Studio Colorida has captured critics and companies with their colorful and whimsical worlds. Having yet to create a full length film or TV series, they’ve comfortably sat beneath the radar of most American anime fans, but if they keep up with delivering stylish and imaginative animations, that might change soon. After all they managed to spark a fandom for a Mcdonalds commercial, so a fandom of their own wouldn’t be too far fetched.


Studio Colorida’s Official Website


[This post was originally posted: Jul, 6th 2016 on the Otaple 1/2 Tumblr]

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