The Flamenco Girls are the Epitome of Weaponized Femininity

Weaponized femininity is the concept of attempting to reclaim feminine social symbols (such as bows or high heels) as powerful and/or intimidating through juxtaposition with violence.

The perfect example of weaponized femininity comes from the anime Samurai Flamenco where the human Flamenco Girl takes up crime fighting. Her approach to heroism is to embody anime’s warrior magical girls, poofy dress and heart shaped wand included. She quickly builds a reputation as a brutal server of justice and successfully reclaims her juvenile shtick as a force to fear.

Even though Flamenco Girl and company are able to quite literally weaponize their feminine social symbols within their story, weaponized femininity has not made the same strides in real life. This is due to it’s real life impracticality. High heels might be great for stomping on genitals but greatly impede mobility of the wearer, making them not so great for intimidation let alone something like fighting crime in real life. In fact, weaponized femininity is frequently used in media to mock femininity for it’s impracticality or absurdity. In-universe the Flamenco Girls are a serious crime fighting unit but, as the viewer, we are suppose to laugh at the concept of their existence. Thus making the Flamenco Girls a perfect example of what weaponized femininity aims to be, in addition to what it actually is: a failed attempt to adjust gender barriers resulting in a comedic cognitive dissonance.


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[This post was originally posted: Dec, 3rd 2015 on the Otaple 1/2 Tumblr]

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