It’s okay to not watch a show you know you won’t like.

Image from C3, an anime I have chosen not to watch based on my personal tastes.

There’s pressure in the anime community to watch shows that are recent or popular. There’s also an idea that once you start a show you’re obligated to finish it, even if it drops in quality. I’ve caught myself plenty of times insisting “classics” and “staples” onto others, even if I know little to nothing about their tastes.

It might seem like obvious advice, but it’s okay to not watch a show you know you won’t like. Having preferences doesn’t make you less of a fan. It’s also okay to watch a low quality show if you’re still figuring out your preferences or you want to watch it to write a review or just want to give into curiosity or a guilty pleasure. And whatever low quality even means is up to you as well.

But if you’re suffering through a show you don’t like out of some “obligation” to say you’ve watched it and that’s it, then your time is being wasted.

Seek out works similar to those you already enjoy or are by creators you admire. Look for hidden gems in the genres you already love. Take advantage of the countless recommendation resources online if you don’t know what to try next. MyAnimeList and Anime Planet both have anime recommendations and those are just a two popular sites. There’s also community made flowcharts and lists that you can find by literally google imageing “anime recommendation”. And if you’re still having trouble finding anime you can enjoy then trying just waiting. Currently about 200 new anime come out a year, there will be SOMETHING for you.

So don’t suffer through an anime because it’s popular or because you’ve dared yourself to tough it out after the first episode. Anime is entertainment and should be entertaining.


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[This post was originally posted: Nov, 2nd 2016 on the Otaple 1/2 Tumblr]

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