Convention and Panel Info

This is a reference page for those who have attended or are interested in the panels I’ve presented at various conventions.

I used to regularly present at Katsucon, Otakon and Anime USA, but due to uncertainty in my plans for the next few years I am unlikely to present at any conventions as a fan panelist in 2018.


  • But That’s NOT Anime!
    Anime used to be easily definable by its distinct art style and origin from Japan. Over the decades anime has grown into a much broader concept. Shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender, RWBY, and Steven Universe have caused fans to ask themselves: how is anime defined? Come explore this grey area of anime through titles both popular and obscure.
  • Girl Power: Feminism and the Magical Girl Genre
    (The regular version of this panel is 1 hour but sometimes I present the “Director’s Cut” version that can run up to 2 hours.)
    Come take a look at the classic magical girl genre through the lens of feminism from an American and Japanese perspective. Examine gender roles, female representation and all the controversies that come with transformation sequences, adorable mascots and the power of friendship.
  • Evolution of Moe
    (This panel is a collaboration I present with my husband, Keith)
    Moe has become a hot topic in anime fandom. Find out how this concept got its start and how it has changed over time.
  • Noragami: A Crash Course in Shintoism
    Noragami is an anime about gods and phantoms. Let’s examine the stories and rituals from Shinto that Noragami references. Find out which characters are actual figures from mythology and why the price point of 5 yen is so important to a certain tracksuit wearing god.
  • The Forgotten History of Fujoshi
    (This panel is a collaboration I present with my husband, Keith)
    Fujoshi are a prominent force and yet little seems to be known about them. In this panel we take a look at the origins of fujoshi culture.

I don’t have any plans to post video of my panels in the near future. Thanks to my technical incompetence, I’ve never successfully filmed any of my panels. I am likely going to end up converting retired panels into text posts instead of posting videos.

If you want me to present one of my panels at your convention/event please contact me via Tumblr or Twitter.

Slides requested for online availability:

Girl Power: Feminism and the Magical Girl Genre